Home Repair & Renovation DIY Coaching

We offer an entire series of Home Repair classes, but if your project is not covered in those topics - our DIY Coaches can teach you the skills necessary to build or fix just about anything in your home! Develop confidence using tools or get project specific advice from some of our most skilled Home Repair Education Instructors!

DIY Coaching Request Form

Let our coach come to your home to evaluate the project, then help you develop a work plan; including tool-use instruction and where to source materials. This service is limited Baltimore City Residents only and costs $100 for the 1st hour and $60 each additional hour.

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Outline your goals, and if applicable, tell us in as much detail as possible how far along you are with your project research or building and target completion date. If you aren't sure - no worries, just say so!
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In general, let us know when you are available to meet with you coach - you will be able to communicate directly with them for a firm day and time.
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