It's that time of year!! Need some ideas on what to get a special person in your life??


For the new homeowner:

  • How about a 1 year membership to the library?  $40
  • OR A series of Home Repair Classes? $25 - $59 each sliding scale pricing/ honor system

For the curious DIYer:

  • Shop Safety 1 is a must! $25
  • Wooden Spoons & Spatulas is like freestyle woodworking! $65

For the fledgling Furniture Maker:

  • How about our Shop Safety 1 class? $25
  • Tripod Lamp Class is awesome! $125
  • Coffee Tables is a popular favorite! $225 

OR pop in to purchase in person and receive and awesome wooden handmade gift card!!

Help us reach $25,000!

Friday, we kicked off our annual fundraiser at Union and raised $800 in cash alone at (what I initially thought to be) the very silly rubberband shoot out game that John, Kate, Chris and Arman spearheaded building with a massive team of volunteer painters.  Kids seemed obvious but I had no idea that adults would be lining up, beers in hand, to donate and play!  We'll find out next week what the beer proceeds from Union were *fingers crossed* -- but there were a LOT of people there!!  Even the Member Made Showcase was a hit - celebrating the amazing successes of our members with home repair/renovation projects, furniture building projects, several of our members have even started small businesses over the last 4 years with library tools.


I sat back and watched for a moment, all of our friends, long time members, supporters, suuuuper long time volunteers - I noted the friendships that had been forged because of the library, the way that some of our members and volunteers stood a little taller, a little happier since the first time they came in, I watched the ease with which everyone slid right into our community and felt safe, happy, at home.

member made.png

Those feelings don't arise so easily these days -- amidst the hustle bustle, political unrest, commitments, responsibilities..  But the library has always been a safe place, and a very positive place at that -- filled with possibilities, not barriers -- it is something worth fighting for, and it has been a fight for 5 years to keep it open and to make it awesome.

But right now it needs you.

Each year we have to raise $25,000 to stay open because it costs money to keep our prices within reach of the majority populace of Baltimore and to keep inspiring, talented, hard working people to run this place from the front of the house to the back. We charge what Baltimore can bear -- and that accounts for 75% of our operating costs.  Not too shabby for a 4 year old nonprofit started by a bunch of artists!  14% of our budget is funded by grants (when we can get them) to cover capital expenses like tools or renovations, or programming expenses. However, the remaining 11% needs to come from the people out there in the world that believe in what we are doing - that it's a necessary resource for everyone - and that it IS changing the face of our city.  $25K is about the cost of a car - to some it's a lot, to others not so much - either way, each year it's the difference between us remaining open or having to close.

If you have supported us in the past - we want to be sure that we grow into an organization that you want to continue to support each year, because you know I'm gonna keep asking! We would be incredibly grateful if you were able to give today, $100 now or $25 each month until the end of the year would go an incredibly long way to ensuring that the library remains a safe and happy place for everyone.  Just follow this link!!

But I also wanted to plant a seed because,  taking it one step further, how could you leverage that $$$ even more?  Could you inspire 4 other friends that would want to make a tax-deductible donation of $100?  So that your group's donation of $500 we could use as another "matching gift" to inspire our small dollar donors throughout the campaign?  Or perhaps make a collection at work so that we could use a larger "group" donation for that same kind of leverage?  Or maybe your company would match employee contributions??? If any of that sounds do-able, I'd love to hear back from you!  And if you'd like to give to today in any amount, nothing is too small because remember it will be doubled!!!  Please follow this link!!

And if you want to check out some really great statistics on where your $$ goes and why supporting the library is so meaningful, please follow us on social media here and here!!!

Thank you for being there -- because of you the library is home to a lot of folks, a place where they feel like they belong, and where they can accomplish just about anything they damn well aspire towards!!

With an abundance of gratitude,

The Tool Librarians

EPIC Fundraiser Kickoff Party

We are BEYOND humbled and excited to announce that Union Craft Brewing is hosting us for our annual fundraiser kick-off party!!

Friday October 13th from 6-10pm

@Union's Taproom - 1700 Union Ave, 21211

Union is releasing two beer collabs /// Rufus Roundtree and the B'More Brass Factory will be playing /// Clavel will be makin' tacos /// Center Cut Doughnuts will be making churros /// and we will be making fun carnival games to play!!

Kick off our annual fundraiser and the beginning of Baltimore Beer Week in style -- FREE event but you gotta pay to party and proceeds go to your beloved Tool Library!!!


Eventbrite - Tool Library Festivus - Fundraiser Kick-off Party!

1st Ever Baltimore FIXIT FAIR

We are so excited to host the (long overdue) 1st EVER Baltimore FIXIT FAIR!!!

Fixit Fair is a free event open to the public where you’ll find tools and materials to help you make any repairs you need on clothes, furniture, electrical appliances, bicycles, home appliances, toys, et cetera. You’ll also find expert volunteers, with repair skills in all kinds of fields set up at various stations to assist people with their repairs.  CLICK HERE FOR MORE DETAILS


Saturday October 21st, 2017

11a - 3pm* (Repair Line Closes At 2:30p)

@SNTL - 417 E Oliver St. 21202

Help us reach $15,000


We are so close!!  As of this writing we only have $3000 left to raise towards our goal.  This holiday season, won't you consider the positive impact the library has had on your own life, this community, even this city?

We strive to find ways to give back as an organization. This year, our staff helped to build a community garden in Coppin Heights, a Kaboom playground in Upton, and has been running free classes for senior citizens in our own community of Greenmount West.  

And with member support, we've been able to create healthy jobs, a welcoming environment (with HEAT in the shop!!) and a resource for Baltimoreans that is truly valued and beloved.  People have become proud of themselves here and forged lasting friendships with others.

If you think those things are worth valuing, then show your support now - no amount is too great or too small - all generosity is recognized and appreciated by this wonderful community of makers, tinkerers, teachers, friends, family, and tool-users!

Member Appreciation PARTY

FRIDAY DEC. 2nd  5-8pm
drinks by Union Craft Brewing + tunes by DJ Sonny

FREE koozies/stickers for members at the door* while supplies last

FREE raffle tickets + drink tickets at the door if you renew a membership, tack on another year to an existing, or BRING A FRIEND to join!
ALL NEW MEMBERS - get 1 raffle ticket & 1 drink ticket

  • $100 Class Credit x2
  • Free Admission to AVAM x2
  • 1 Surface Project Desk - valued at $600!!!
  • Library swag galore!!!!

We have raised $11,600 of our $15,000 goal!!!!  Help us raise $3300 and join the fun!

Support SNTL!

Celebrate fall with us!

>>>>>>>> LEDERHOSEN ENCOURAGED <<<<<<<<<
££ BEERS from our esteemed friends at UNION CRAFT

Our monthly, first friday happy hour is our Annual Fundraiser this year - if you love us and love what we do - YOU CAN SUPPORT our world domination efforts of spreading positive vibes by ATTENDING & BUYING STUFF! <--- I know I know, that last part we are generally against (accumulation of *stuff*) but we like it when you walk away with awesome memories, new friends, and fun swag that helps spread our mission: Tools for the People!


Urban Timber Class

Special 2-Day Workshop:
Sourcing Trees from Baltimore City’s Camp Small

August 1 & 2

With guest teacher Rod Northcutt

DAY 1: Monday August 1st, 6 - 10pm:

Guided visit to Camp Small- Baltimore City’s felled tree storage site.  There, you will learn how to identify common tree species, and return to the library to brainstorm tomorrow's project ideas.

6 - 10pm - Meet at Camp Small


DAY 2: Tuesday August 2nd, 6 - 10pm:

Green woodworking workshop: make a thing with green wood!  Then, learn to use an Alaskan chainsaw sawmill to process logs into usable planks for drying. Following this, there will be a group design session for a solar wood drying kiln for the Tool Library courtyard, and a "Rocket Stove" dinner conversation on how, as makers, we can participate in more sustainable practices.

6 - 10pm - At the Library

Cost - $60 | Time - 8 hours over 2 days