Our Public Workshop

Imagine an affordable workshop where you can learn to make things, or fix your home, or help others do those things. Such a magical place exists! We call it The Public Workshop, and it awaits you!

Steps to Start Working:

  1. Become a Library Member!  Not required to take classes but required to use Open Shop.
  2. Take a Shop Safety Class! It’s 2.5 hours, $25, fun and it’s required
  3. Want to start working on your own? Open Shop is Sundays 11a-­5p and Tuesdays 5­-8pm, come on in!
    • NOTE  - see our list below of which machines you can have access to.
  4. Need extra help with the machines? Got you covered! Here are some ideas:
    • Take any of our classes­! We have a low student:teacher ratio to help you build confidence.
    • Get 1­-on-­1 time with any of our instructors to get exactly the kind of instruction you need!


Open Shop is staffed by Volunteer Monitors.

They are there to look out for everyone and are not be able to give individual instruction during those times. It is your responsibility to take additional skill ­building classes, or sign up for our DIY Coaching program to get where you want to be to fully utilize this amazing resource that is offered at a fraction of the cost of a typical shop!

Since Open Shop is open to all, it can get a little hectic. Patience, kindness, and good planning will help you get the most out of this free service for library members.  Work SLOW Work SAFE.

The following classes give you OPEN SHOP access to the following machines:

  • Shop Safety
    • Mitre Saw / Panel Saw / Band Saw / Scroll Saw / Drill Press / Sanders
  • Shop Safety II or Woodworking I*
    • Table Saw / Planer / Jointer
  • Cutting Boards
    • Planer / Router Table
  • Routers
    • Router Table / Hand Routers
  • Knife Making
    • Angle Grinder / Wire Wheel / Bench Grinder / Belt Sander / Disc Sander / Bench Polisher

*Shop Safety II and Woodworking I both satisfy the requirement for using the "Big 3" during Open Shop; however, Woodworking I gives you much more hands on experience with the machines and is recommended for the rusty and the novices!

You’re thoughts matter to us! Suggestions on how we can improve our services are welcome!