Cost Should Not Be a Barrier to Learning

The SNTL Scholarship Fund is supported by the generosity of our friends, members, and community at large so that everyone may have the opportunity to learn! Baltimore City residents of any age may apply for a Scholarship to any class.


The Scholarship Fund kicked off at our Summer First Friday event, June of 2015.  Sponsored by Union Brewery, friends, members, curious onlookers, newbies to Baltimore, and the community around us donated a whopping $1075 in a matter of hours!  Baltimore City residents of any age may apply for a Scholarship to any class, simply follow the instructions below. At this time, scholarships are limited to 2 classes per year per applicant, and Safety I must first be completed as an out of pocket expense so that we know you are serious about this type of learning.  The cost of that class is $25 and we are happy to work out a payment plan for it if you desire.


  • Full Class Scholarship - for either you or your children

    • You must fall at or under 80% Area Median Income for Baltimore City- honor system

    • Check the Area Median Income chart here, and by all means ask us if you are not sure!

    • For example, if your Baltimore City household size is 4 people, and 2 of you have incomes that total $65,800 or less, then you qualify!

  • Partial Class Scholarship - for either you or your children

    • If you fall between 80 and 100% Area Median Income but may be experiencing some unexpected or temporary financial stress, please apply

  • Honor System - This Fund is provided by friends, neighbors, members, and the people around you; the stranger on the bus, the cashier at the store, the teacher at school.  Honor their generosity and support of your learning by being honest about your financial status AND your need for this type of education.

    • NOTE: we offer several memberships that act as payment plans for classes - only apply for a scholarship if these membership options are still unaffordable to you as the Fund's resources are very limited.

  • DIY Coaching - Need assistance getting started on your own DIY project?  From home plumbing to building furniture, we most certainly have a volunteer DIY Coach to teach you the skills necessary to complete your project. Scholarships may also be applied towards this cost using the above steps!


Applicant's Name *
Applicant's Name
If applying for a Partial Scholarship - indicate how much you would be willing to pay per class.