We’re hiring! Join the team as our Library Services Director.


Position: Library Services Director

Reports to - Direction Team / Volunteers / Board of Directors*


The Station North Tool Library (SNTL) seeks to empower all people, through affordable access to tools, skills and workspace, to positively direct the development of their environments and lives.


SNTL is a nonprofit tool-lending library and community hub in the heart of Baltimore City. We offer over 3,000 tools, 36 unique classes, and public woodworking and crafting shops. Our space is a welcoming environment where people can be creative, foster a do-it-yourself attitude, and learn to work with their hands.

SNTL creates a work culture that values positivity, ingenuity, equality, and time for personal development. We question traditional structures and hierarchy, promote equity, preserve safe space for all people and are an equal opportunity employer. People of color and women are encouraged to apply.

Our paid staff consists of three Direction Team members, who are program directors that guide the organization’s day-to-day operations with input from our 40+ volunteers, 1,100 members, 4,000+ learners, and a forthcoming board.


To develop and manage policies and procedures that facilitate lending tools to the Baltimore community. Key areas of focus include managing the library space and tool inventory, supporting volunteers, and being a point of contact for members and the general public.


1. Library Operations:
  • Manage physical library space and tool and retail inventory.
  • Manage digital membership and tool lending systems.
  • Develop and maintain tool loan and membership metrics.
2. Membership Engagement:
  • Be the face of the library to members--including answering questions, problem solving and providing customer service.
  • Maintain visibility and open communication with the local community around tool lending and library accessibility.
  • Manage info@ email account.
3. Volunteer Management:
  • Identify and recruit new volunteers to work as librarians.
  • Develop and implement a training program that provides consistent onboarding for new volunteers as well as ongoing training for established volunteers.
  • Answer all volunteer librarian questions and solve problems.
  • Maintain working schedule for volunteers and fill in as a librarian when necessary.
4. Community Partnerships:
  • Screen partnership and event opportunities related to community engagement and ensure that the library is visible in appropriate community spaces including first-time homebuyer events in Baltimore.
  • Manage a community outreach team to identify new and improve existing community involvement and partnerships.
  • Work with Dir. of Development to identify tools needs and apply for corporate and in-kind donations.
  • Manage scheduling and staffing for community resource events.
5. Direction Team:
  • Work with the Direction Team to set and manage the annual budget.
  • Recruit and support the Board of Directors in partnership with other Direction Team members.
  • Select, plan, and execute library events.


  • A background in community outreach, customer service, and/or volunteer management.
  • Knowledge of hand and power tools, home renovations, DIYing or making in any form is a plus!
  • Experience with MindBody would be a nice surprise.


  • Bachelor's Degree or an equivalent combination of education and experience.
  • 3-5 years experience working in the nonprofit sector, experience in nonprofit management preferred.
  • Strong computer literacy skills.
  • Proven ability to communicate with, supervise, and empower volunteers to be effective in their roles.
  • Ability to work on concurrent projects and handle simultaneous tasks with interruptions.
  • Valid driver’s license and access to use of a vehicle, car-share, or alternative transportation for organizational business as needed.
  • Comfortable around dogs.


We value an equal pay structure for all Directors, which takes into account our unconventional work culture, environment, and added benefits. The salary for 2020 is $52,000, and raises are granted each year based on budget allowance, individual performance, and team performance in achieving annual goals.

Benefits also include 5 weeks of paid time off (175 hours) plus federal holidays. Group health insurance is offered through our fiscal sponsor but the cost of premiums is not currently covered.


The full-time work week is 35 hours. The staff schedule their hours according to the demands of their job and the needs of the organization. Since library hours and events are typically evenings and weekends, Direction Team members should expect to work during those times as needed. Position often requires work outside of traditional hours of employment.

Three of those weekly hours must be either in the library as a tool librarian or in the shop as a monitor. This gives all Direction Team members the opportunity to remain in touch with the community, members, volunteers, and organizational needs.

We feel that shortened work weeks that are self-scheduled are a benefit and will allow paid staff the opportunity to cultivate a balanced life.


To apply, use the form below! Applications due by November 15. Interviews will begin soon after and the position will remain open until filled. No phone calls please.