We Need Your Help!

We have created a diverse, welcoming environment where anyone may learn to work with their hands, and we are at a critical stage in development. We've never asked before, but we really need your help to become strong and sustainable, by helping us raise $25,000.

YOUR donations and support will help sustain the organization by allowing us to move away from a dependence on grants and develop income-generating programs that include:

  • More low-cost Home Care/Repair classes
  • Expanding our web of volunteer experts in Home Repair and DIY
  • Innovating better, more affordable ways to connect members with those experts
  • Creating daytime youth programming partnerships with area schools
  • Building the Surface Project to be a successful job training program and sustainable business

To reach those goals and to better our quality of service we need YOUR help. Please consider making a donation today.

A donation of:

  • $25 - would subsidize the cost of 1 person's Home Care class
  • $50 -would maintain, and sharpen all the blades in the shop for 2 weeks
  • $100 - would cover materials for 4 students in youth programming
  • $150 - would help to purchase 1 of our top wish list tools for the library - more shop vacs!
  • $250 - would maintain all of the 2,000 library tools for 1 month
  • $500 - would be really amazing and generous of you AND pay our electric bill for 1 month!
  • $1000 - would warrant tears and would develop 1 youth program for a partnering school.

In just 2.5 short years we have grown to serve 1278 members state-wide with access to over 2000 tools, 24 unique classes, 6 paid staff, and 26 volunteers. This was made possible by 65% grant funding and 35% member funding; fantastic for such a young grassroots organization, but we need to be 100% member supported to keep innovating self-sustaining programming that people want and NEED.

Short on $dinero$ and still want to help?

  1. Tell 5 people about the library
  2. Better yet, drag at least 3 of them down here to sign up as members
  3. TAKE A CLASS!!! ... get friends and family to take it with you!!
  4. Return your tools on time! It keeps the inventory fresh for everyone to enjoy which keeps people coming back and renewing their memberships and taking classes!

This project is the culmination of over 3 years of dreaming, daring, and doing, new friends that become family, old friends that remain our biggest cheerleaders. We don't want to stop now - there is still so much to do! Let's keep this thing going… it’s mine, it’s yours, it’s ours.