NEW Open Shop Policies

Dearest Members and Open Shop Users,

The shop has been crazy busy lately, especially because of the holiday season. We want to make sure we keep things running smoothly. Please be aware of a couple changes to Open Shop in effect anytime we're super busy.

  • 10 person max. in the shop. First come first serve basis. You will not be able to reserve a spot or time in advance unfortunately. Once the shop hits the max we'll do - one in one out so that anyone waiting can jump right in.
  • Tool use is limited to 20 minutes if others are waiting. This may restrict the dado setup on the table saw and some other more complicated setups.

  • No production style making when others are waiting. This is a tricky one but basically if your project is taking longer than average then you may need to come back or work on it in phases. By production style we mean large projects or working on many small projects simultaneously. 

All of us monitors will check in throughout Open Shop to keep things moving and maximize our tools and space. Thank you all for using Open Shop, keeping it cool, and helping us make the most of our shared resource!