Because life on wheels is just FUN!

If you've been into the library lately, maybe you've heard the buzz - not the normal shop buzz of machines humming along in the background, but an actual vibration; excitement and pure child-like joy bubbling to the surface!  For many adults, we look back on our childhood day dreams and laugh or even scoff at the present feasibility of having wanted to be an astronaut or pro baseball player.  However, for us at the tool library - you are never too old to play, to live your dreams, and you're never too young to start.  And so we built a skateboard press.  A what?  A hydraulic press that turns flat plywood into a shapely chunk of wood that you then shape down into a skateboard.  Why, you ask?  WHY NOT.  

We just returned from the Ohio Kinetics Fest where we ran a beta version of the class to a group of parents and kids ages 7+.  The class not only sold out in 3 days, every single person left with a totally one of a kind board and a smile from ear to ear!  This is happiness.  Making, connecting, floating on wheels, wind in your hair, anything is possible! This is why everyone that you've ever seen cruising down the street on a skateboard or bike has the kind of smile on their face that reads, "I figured out the secret to life."  And this, my friends, is how we aim to positively impact folks - both young and old.  Make. Connect. Roll on outta here feeling empowered, and cruise down the street feeling free enough to make anything you wish a reality.  

It's possible.  Let us prove it to you.  Take the class.