WOW!  If you haven't been into the library this week, you may have missed the hubub as big red cases started to fill the shelves and a huge chunk of our old tools went bye-bye!  Milwaulkee Tool has generously sponsored over $7000 of tools on our wish-list; outfitting the library with the latest in cordless tool technology!  Members can look forward to (or look for excuses to) using things like:

  • Cordless Sawzalls
  • Cordless Hammerdrills - they gave us 10!!!!!
  • Cordless Bandsaws - what?!?!  That exists!
  • Cordless Circular Saws
  • Hole Saw sets
  • 4' Levels
  • Cordless JigSaws
  • ..........the list goes on........

We couldn't be happier to have this brand on our shelves - their Corporate Giving representatives went above and beyond to make us feel like customers instead of beggars, and their enthusiasm for the the library's mission and it's members shows that they really are a company that cares!  

So come on down and bask in the red-boxed glory of NEW TOOLS!!!