Help us reach $15,000


We are so close!!  As of this writing we only have $3000 left to raise towards our goal.  This holiday season, won't you consider the positive impact the library has had on your own life, this community, even this city?

We strive to find ways to give back as an organization. This year, our staff helped to build a community garden in Coppin Heights, a Kaboom playground in Upton, and has been running free classes for senior citizens in our own community of Greenmount West.  

And with member support, we've been able to create healthy jobs, a welcoming environment (with HEAT in the shop!!) and a resource for Baltimoreans that is truly valued and beloved.  People have become proud of themselves here and forged lasting friendships with others.

If you think those things are worth valuing, then show your support now - no amount is too great or too small - all generosity is recognized and appreciated by this wonderful community of makers, tinkerers, teachers, friends, family, and tool-users!