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An exciting new series of classes with Josh Rosenstein of Edible Eden Foodscapes on topics relevant to the urban gardener.

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Preserving The Harvest: Pickles, Jam and Lacto-fermentation

Wednesday September 7th, 6-9pm

What to do with an abundance of fruits and veggies?? In this fun 1-day workshop we will discuss local seasonal eating and why preserving the harvest is so important! Then we will explore the artisanal art of lacto-fermentation by making dill pickles, vinegar pickling with jalepenos, and jam making with seasonal fruit! Participants will learn the three processes and go home with one half-pint jam, one pint jalepenos and one quart pickles.

Cost $65  | Time - 3 Hours |  Takeaway - 3 jars of awesome!

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