Scholarship Fundraiser FUN!


In an effort to maintain our mission of affordable access, we are creating the SNTL Scholarship Fund, whereby anyone may apply to take any of our classes completely free of charge, based on financial need and desire.

The SK8orDIY Fundraiser will be a celebration of community, art, music, and thinking outside the box! Proceeds from raffle ticket sales and the silent auction will go directly into the Fund, making learning opportunities a reality for kids and adults in our community.

Why is this important, you ask?  Our society is experiencing a disconnect from hand-craft skills like woodworking or even basic home maintenance.  We’ve gone from being hardy pioneer, true DIYers, to just calling a professional or buying it on Amazon.  However, there has been a resurgence of interest in learning those skills and re-igniting the do-it-yourself spirit.  For some, this has become a hobby, for others it is out of financial necessity.  For everyone, it should be an available opportunity!


 Friday July 24th, 8-11pm  |  FREE  |  WIND UP SPACE 12 W North Ave  | Music:  DeeJay Jb


Baltimore Print Studios
Ana Benaroya
John Bohl
James Bouche
Matt Carignan
David Eassa
Alex Ebstein
Peter Ferguson
Bob Godin
Pat McQuade
Justin Nethercut
Steve Riddle
Katey Truhn/Jessie Unterhalter
Tony Venne




Starting June 5th / 5-8pm

Join us on the first Friday of every month this summer for this Open House style Happy Hour!  Come see what the Tool Library & Public Workshop is all about!  Learn about all of our classes and programs, or just meet and mingle with like-minded folks!  We are a warm and welcoming community representing all walks of life and we invite you to come and be social with us at this monthly event!

Sponsored by the kind folks of Union Brewery - proceeds from all donations will go towards kicking off our SK8orDIY Scholarship Fund; allowing underserved folks of any age to take any of our classes for FREE!

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