solar kiln

Urban Timber Class

Special 2-Day Workshop:
Sourcing Trees from Baltimore City’s Camp Small

August 1 & 2

With guest teacher Rod Northcutt

DAY 1: Monday August 1st, 6 - 10pm:

Guided visit to Camp Small- Baltimore City’s felled tree storage site.  There, you will learn how to identify common tree species, and return to the library to brainstorm tomorrow's project ideas.

6 - 10pm - Meet at Camp Small


DAY 2: Tuesday August 2nd, 6 - 10pm:

Green woodworking workshop: make a thing with green wood!  Then, learn to use an Alaskan chainsaw sawmill to process logs into usable planks for drying. Following this, there will be a group design session for a solar wood drying kiln for the Tool Library courtyard, and a "Rocket Stove" dinner conversation on how, as makers, we can participate in more sustainable practices.

6 - 10pm - At the Library

Cost - $60 | Time - 8 hours over 2 days