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Urban Timber Class

Special 2-Day Workshop:
Sourcing Trees from Baltimore City’s Camp Small

August 1 & 2

With guest teacher Rod Northcutt

DAY 1: Monday August 1st, 6 - 10pm:

Guided visit to Camp Small- Baltimore City’s felled tree storage site.  There, you will learn how to identify common tree species, and return to the library to brainstorm tomorrow's project ideas.

6 - 10pm - Meet at Camp Small


DAY 2: Tuesday August 2nd, 6 - 10pm:

Green woodworking workshop: make a thing with green wood!  Then, learn to use an Alaskan chainsaw sawmill to process logs into usable planks for drying. Following this, there will be a group design session for a solar wood drying kiln for the Tool Library courtyard, and a "Rocket Stove" dinner conversation on how, as makers, we can participate in more sustainable practices.

6 - 10pm - At the Library

Cost - $60 | Time - 8 hours over 2 days

Latest Tool Wish List!

Our tools are heavily used - beyond average consumer use - so we appreciate any contractor-grade donations of any of the following, in good working order:

Compound mitre saws

Large shop vacs

Small jack hammer

Stump grinder

Contractor table saw

Biscuit joiners

Quick Grip Clamps

Paint sprayers

Power Washers

Electric Drain Augers

Electric Lawn Mower

Electric Weed Wackers

Electric Hedge Trimmers

Small 120v Mig welders

Paddle bit sets

Hammer drill bit sets

Benchtop Drill Press

Stud Finders    

Benchtop Thickness Planers

Benchtop Jointers

Work lights

Scholarship Fundraiser FUN!


In an effort to maintain our mission of affordable access, we are creating the SNTL Scholarship Fund, whereby anyone may apply to take any of our classes completely free of charge, based on financial need and desire.

The SK8orDIY Fundraiser will be a celebration of community, art, music, and thinking outside the box! Proceeds from raffle ticket sales and the silent auction will go directly into the Fund, making learning opportunities a reality for kids and adults in our community.

Why is this important, you ask?  Our society is experiencing a disconnect from hand-craft skills like woodworking or even basic home maintenance.  We’ve gone from being hardy pioneer, true DIYers, to just calling a professional or buying it on Amazon.  However, there has been a resurgence of interest in learning those skills and re-igniting the do-it-yourself spirit.  For some, this has become a hobby, for others it is out of financial necessity.  For everyone, it should be an available opportunity!


 Friday July 24th, 8-11pm  |  FREE  |  WIND UP SPACE 12 W North Ave  | Music:  DeeJay Jb


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