Help us reach $15,000


We are so close!!  As of this writing we only have $3000 left to raise towards our goal.  This holiday season, won't you consider the positive impact the library has had on your own life, this community, even this city?

We strive to find ways to give back as an organization. This year, our staff helped to build a community garden in Coppin Heights, a Kaboom playground in Upton, and has been running free classes for senior citizens in our own community of Greenmount West.  

And with member support, we've been able to create healthy jobs, a welcoming environment (with HEAT in the shop!!) and a resource for Baltimoreans that is truly valued and beloved.  People have become proud of themselves here and forged lasting friendships with others.

If you think those things are worth valuing, then show your support now - no amount is too great or too small - all generosity is recognized and appreciated by this wonderful community of makers, tinkerers, teachers, friends, family, and tool-users!

Member Appreciation PARTY

FRIDAY DEC. 2nd  5-8pm
drinks by Union Craft Brewing + tunes by DJ Sonny

FREE koozies/stickers for members at the door* while supplies last

FREE raffle tickets + drink tickets at the door if you renew a membership, tack on another year to an existing, or BRING A FRIEND to join!
ALL NEW MEMBERS - get 1 raffle ticket & 1 drink ticket

  • $100 Class Credit x2
  • Free Admission to AVAM x2
  • 1 Surface Project Desk - valued at $600!!!
  • Library swag galore!!!!

We have raised $11,600 of our $15,000 goal!!!!  Help us raise $3300 and join the fun!

Support SNTL!

Celebrate fall with us!

>>>>>>>> LEDERHOSEN ENCOURAGED <<<<<<<<<
££ BEERS from our esteemed friends at UNION CRAFT

Our monthly, first friday happy hour is our Annual Fundraiser this year - if you love us and love what we do - YOU CAN SUPPORT our world domination efforts of spreading positive vibes by ATTENDING & BUYING STUFF! <--- I know I know, that last part we are generally against (accumulation of *stuff*) but we like it when you walk away with awesome memories, new friends, and fun swag that helps spread our mission: Tools for the People!


Urban Timber Class

Special 2-Day Workshop:
Sourcing Trees from Baltimore City’s Camp Small

August 1 & 2

With guest teacher Rod Northcutt

DAY 1: Monday August 1st, 6 - 10pm:

Guided visit to Camp Small- Baltimore City’s felled tree storage site.  There, you will learn how to identify common tree species, and return to the library to brainstorm tomorrow's project ideas.

6 - 10pm - Meet at Camp Small


DAY 2: Tuesday August 2nd, 6 - 10pm:

Green woodworking workshop: make a thing with green wood!  Then, learn to use an Alaskan chainsaw sawmill to process logs into usable planks for drying. Following this, there will be a group design session for a solar wood drying kiln for the Tool Library courtyard, and a "Rocket Stove" dinner conversation on how, as makers, we can participate in more sustainable practices.

6 - 10pm - At the Library

Cost - $60 | Time - 8 hours over 2 days

New Class Alert

An exciting new series of classes with Josh Rosenstein of Edible Eden Foodscapes on topics relevant to the urban gardener.

Up First:

Preserving The Harvest: Pickles, Jam and Lacto-fermentation

Wednesday September 7th, 6-9pm

What to do with an abundance of fruits and veggies?? In this fun 1-day workshop we will discuss local seasonal eating and why preserving the harvest is so important! Then we will explore the artisanal art of lacto-fermentation by making dill pickles, vinegar pickling with jalepenos, and jam making with seasonal fruit! Participants will learn the three processes and go home with one half-pint jam, one pint jalepenos and one quart pickles.

Cost $65  | Time - 3 Hours |  Takeaway - 3 jars of awesome!

About Our Guest Teacher -

Latest Tool Wish List!

Our tools are heavily used - beyond average consumer use - so we appreciate any contractor-grade donations of any of the following, in good working order:

Compound mitre saws

Large shop vacs

Small jack hammer

Stump grinder

Contractor table saw

Biscuit joiners

Quick Grip Clamps

Paint sprayers

Power Washers

Electric Drain Augers

Electric Lawn Mower

Electric Weed Wackers

Electric Hedge Trimmers

Small 120v Mig welders

Paddle bit sets

Hammer drill bit sets

Benchtop Drill Press

Stud Finders    

Benchtop Thickness Planers

Benchtop Jointers

Work lights